The UK’s mission agencies focused on the unreached are coming together to empower Christians to share God’s message of hope with those who don’t yet know Him.

We are a global community of Jesus followers, united to share God’s love with those who don’t know it.

OM Ships International is a non-denominational Christian organisation dedicated to sharing knowledge, help, and hope.

Envisioning everyday Christians for cross cultural mission. Equipping local churches for Asia & the Arab world ministry. Engaging with the peoples of the unseen 1/4 of the world.

Serving and partnering with churches to advance the gospel among Africans who have the least opportunity to hear about Jesus, we long to see the worship of Jesus spread across Africa and reach the 1000 people groups where there’s still no church.

We want everyone to hear God speak to them as they engage with the Bible in their own language. It’s not right that some of us have free access to the whole Bible while others don’t. Together we can change this.

Crossing cultures to make disciples. Starting churches where there are none or few. Sharing the vision of the whole church, to the whole world. Praying to see Jesus known, loved and worshipped.

UFM Worldwide exists to support churches in making disciples of all nations, taking the gospel to the least reached, and supporting under-resourced churches around the world.

A worldwide community of God’s people taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to where He is least known. We partner with local churches to send and receive gospel workers serving in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and the Middle East.

We share the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with East Asia’s peoples to the glory of God. We aim to see an indigenous, biblical church movement, evangelising their own people and reaching out in mission.

Of the world’s 6,500 people groups, 2,500 are still unreached. New Tribes Mission UK helps local churches train, coordinate and send missionaries to these tribes.

With love and respect, inviting all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus. We partner with UK churches to raise up and support teams who will go to the nations to see this vision fulfilled.

Inspiring people with news of how God is moving in the hearts of Muslims across the Arab world. Encouraging people to join in with God’s Kingdom purposes and get involved in cross-cultural ministry.

Pioneers UK

Equipping teams to glorify God among unreached people groups by initiating church planting movements in partnership with local churches. We focus on those with the least opportunity to hear and understand the gospel.